YouTube Warren Buffett Interview

Warren Buffett, the legend was interviewed by CNBC in the Swack Box with Joe Kernen and Becky Quick. CNBC has been waiting eight to nine years to obtain this interview. The interview was published on youtube two months ago on Feb 26, 2018. At the start of the interview, Joe Kernen begins to ask Warren Buffett if he caught the basketball game the other night. The game is the NCAA Creighton Bluejays versus the Villanova Wildcats. Mr. Buffett then explains that his company Berkshire is having a basketball bracket contest to see who will win. The prize usually is $1 million dollars but this year they are doubling it to $2 million. Which CNBC, Joe, and Becky made sure to make that as incredible breaking news.

The interview went a little off course in the beginning, but as time continued they then fell back on track. Becky Quick is with Warren Buffet in Omaha to talk about the fifty-third annual letter for shareholders, but this year it was done different, Warren Buffett broke the original formatting of laying out all the companies and stating how they were doing. In the shareholder letter, it talks about a $65.3 billion dollar increase in the company in 2017.
As the interview continuously went on they broke down the interview about the net worth of the company, taxes from that net worth. Joe also speaks to Warren about the new tax law that benefits Berkshire. The interview initially lasted for three hours, all of which was about the company including what has stated above, with stock buying and more. Warren goes into detail about how his company works, how they purchase stocks and increase the shareholder’s revenue from those stocks. This was all shown on Youtube for the Warren Buffett Interview.

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