Young Buffett’s Path to Fortune

By now, we all know that Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world. And, while it’s no secret that Buffett has more money than you currently, chances are that young Mr. Buffett was way ahead of you, too.

Buffett had earned over $50,000 by the time he was 16. At that point, he was aware of his love for money (but not of his love for learning yet) and nearly didn’t go to college because he thought he was already on a path to success.

How did he do it? With these 6 jobs.

1) Delivering newspapers

This wasn’t uncommon for boys around this time, but Buffett took it to the next level and delivered for two different newspapers— 3 routes total. Buffett said he enjoyed this job because it gave him plenty of time alone with his thoughts and who knows, maybe it helped lead to his love for newspapers.

2) Selling (used) golf balls

Young Buffett would get used golf balls that looked like new and sell them at a local golf course. He actually did get in trouble with the cops once, but his father seemed more excited about his ambition than upset about the situation.

3) Pinball machines

Buffett bought a broken pinball machine for $25, which was one heck of a deal, had a friend repair it, and then set it up in a barber shop in exchange for half of the profit. The idea took off pretty quick, expanding to barber shops around the city, and he ended up selling the business for about $1,200.

4) Peanuts, popcorn, pop, and gum

Young Buffett also made money simply by selling goods. He first started selling chewing gum when he was 6, and eventually he started selling Coca-Cola as well. When he was a little older, he started selling peanuts and popcorn at the University of Omaha’s football games.

5) The horse tracks

“You get all these people who’d never seen a race except in the movies. They’d think that if your horse came in second or third, you didn’t get paid… so they’d throw away the tickets… Meanwhile, we were just gobbling them up.”

Buffett would “stoop” at the horse race tracks for second and third place tickets that he could cash in for a prize. All he had to do was look on the ground, and if he had any luck his aunt would cash them in for him (since he was too young to gamble).

6) Selling stamps

Buffett started a stamp company, “Buffett’s Approval Service,” and sold high-end stamps to collectors from all over the country.

Clearly, young Buffett was very aware of his love for money and was not afraid to keep busy in order to achieve his goals! It’s also apparent that Buffett started saving money instead of spending it at a young age, something we can all learn from.

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