Wins and Losses

Warren Buffett the billionaire Omaha Nebraska Legend not only has subsidiaries in just about every company you can think of he now has a book the book titled the snowball will give you a deep look into the life of Warren Buffett and the business as he reveals secrets of the trade as well as friends and foes he has made over the years this book has essentially the whole career of a fifty-year marketing genius journey in its pages. The book is available on all platforms including Amazon Google and iTunes giving readers a chance to read this on every device the book is also available on shelves at Books-A-Million as well as Barnes & Noble. Not only will the book be good to get a better grasp of Warren Buffett’s life it will also be good to God young investors on the path to success is Warren Buffett has had nothing but success in his career the genius marketing graduate from high school in 1947 and soon pursued a career in stock marketing this is no mistake is Warren Buffett is a business magnate today and everything he touches seems to make money. Warren Buffett also will include details of his family and other personal sides of his life that is really open to the public in there few know he gave one reported the chance to sit down with him and this is a rare event this book will cost no more than $15 in stores and online is available even cheaper. The Life and Times of Warren Buffett have been his ass as he plays a key role in the economy today and has for years and his kids will continue his legacy all this and more is available in the book titled the snowball a story about Warren buffets successes and failures.

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