Why Warren Buffett Dislikes Twitter and Email

Warren Buffett’s dislike of technology is very well-known. Like many people his age, Buffett has often said that he just doesn’t understand it and for that reason has been resistant to investing in any kind of technology. And although Berkshire’s portfolio does currently contain Apple and IBM stocks, it took the Oracle of Omaha years to become comfortable enough to invest in technology.

However, while his business might slowly be moving towards technology, Buffett himself is still very analog. On his desk you’ll find neither a smartphone nor computer. In fact, Buffett himself is against both email and Twitter, saying that reacting instantly is a terrible idea.

“Your first impulse is not necessarily your best course of action,” Buffett told CNBC in an interview earlier this year. “It’s very easy to tell somebody to go to hell in ten seconds if you get mad at ’em… [but] sometimes you really do feel differently the next day. And you haven’t lost the option.”

Warren Buffett himself has reportedly only sent one email in his life, and it ended up being used in court. Although he has a Twitter account, it only has 9 tweets, none of which were made by Warren Buffett. Instead, Buffett prefers taking his time and thinking things through. The kind of instantaneous reaction that Twitter, email, Facebook, and even texting offers is not a good idea at all, he says.

“It really is a mistake to give an instant reaction, you know, to everything that comes along. I guess you’re gonna have some things that are irritating for one reason or another. But people will tweet and they’ll send emails… I would say that if you had a delay system on every email or tweet and it couldn’t go out for two hours; I don’t think they all would go out,” Buffett said.

The most important thing, Buffett continued, is to remember that you don’t lose the opportunity to say what’s on your mind if you take the time to clear your head first.

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