Who’s Warren Buffett?

There is something so American about the aspect of investing. Our country has had to change laws because corporations get greedy. This greed gets to a place where it is no longer getting a consumer, but now the average American. It is the reason why our country has banned monopolies. There is too much power put in place of a something where there’s nothing that we can do. There is a place in the 1930s where we began to suffer. This time period is known as the great depression. Economically, it is one of the worst times in American history.

It would then create great minds like Warren Buffet. You can learn what Warren is all about when you go to see his Wikipedia page. He was born in Omaha, in the year 1930. It’s when people were learning how much money they could make through that market. But the human instincts are always going to settle in when money is involved. We needed to make sure that we were taken care of by the government. They are the ones who got us out of that predicament. There are guides online that will tell you more in-depth today.

Warren Buffet has taught people a lot for the next generation. He has taught people that you can create your own foundation just off of investing that has so much potential and you need to look after it. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway where he invests in things that he cares about. You get to take a look at all the things that he likes. For instance, there is Dairy Queen, where he has invested a lot of stock in. There is also coca cola, which he seems to have a lot of interest in.

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