Who is Warren Buffett’s Wife?

In the year 1952, the third richest man in the globe Warren Buffet decided to marry Susan Thompson. While still living together with his love Susan introduced him to her close friend known as Astrid Menks who lived along with them for an extended period until the death of the Susan in the year 2004. After the death had occurred, Buffett decided to marry Astrid two years later. It is through Warren Buffett sister that connected him to Susan because they were longtime. They were friends and roommates while still doing their studies at the University in the Northwestern.

During this time Buffett became connected to Susan father and form together a strong friendship. All this gave him the best opportunity that he used it well to pay a visit for Susan not knowing later he would be his long-term companion.

Due to his musical companion, they ended up together. In their marriage, both two were very lucky to get three children and both three, for now, are doing up their dream careers. Although there were some challenges from one side to another, they didn’t allow the problems to put them apart as they live well and a happy couple together with their families.

After Warren Buffett became the president and the chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway and his wife became the director they decided to migrate for the sake of their business and the investment that they had together.

In 1977 Susan had developed a passion for the music industry and drew her attention there, and this is what made her separate with Buffett to go and make music as a career in California. In later years Susan became so ill and quitted her music career to cancer which was not cured after undergoing several surgeries and after a period Susan passed on that was in the year 2004.

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