Who is Warren Buffett Married To?

Who is Warren Buffet married to? Warren Buffett the all-time legend was married two times. Buffett had a very unusual marriage to his first wife, Susan Thompson. Susan Thompson and Warren Buffet got married in 1952. Even though Warren and Susan were very much in love, Susan left Warren to pursue a singing career. Even though she loved Warren with all her heart, she had a true dream of being a famous singer. Susan Thompson started singing when she was only seven years old and never stopped.

Susan and Warren were married until her tragic passing in 2004. Even though that Warren and Susan were married, Warren was living with another woman while Susan was away, his soon to be second wife Astrid Menks. Even though Mr. Buffett was married to Susan, all three acted like it was a normal marriage. All three of them would even send out Christmas cards with all three signatures. This trio was more than alright with what they shared. After the tragic passing of his first wife in 2004, Warren Buffett didn’t marry Astrid Menks until 2006.

Warren Buffett was and still is a man of high stature. This man has shown the world what he can do and no matter what, he could accomplish anything. But to his wives, he was just a true love. They didn’t see Warren as a millionaire or someone on a higher level like many people did. They loved his inspiration and motivation. Even Warrens Daughter Susie stated, “More people should have unconventional marriages.” Yes, the marriage was different but it was something that worked. So who is Warren Buffett married to, even though for a while it was just Susan, it eventually became Susan and Astrid even though only one woman wore the ring.

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