Who is Warren Buffett?

The billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett has made his billions in his hometown he has not straight away from it proven that it’s not about where you’re at and who you are Warren Buffett graduated from high school in 1947 in the city of Omaha Nebraska every one of his classmates knew that he was superior and math and bet that he was going to have a career as a marketer or something of that sort. Warren Buffett had a 50-year marriage with Susan Thompson Susan Thompson with his wife and his biggest supporter through many years of Warren Buffett early life Warren Buffett has had three children that continue on his legacy today with their philanthropic efforts as well as investing potentials Warren Buffett still lives in the same house that he did before he became the third richest man in the United States Warren Buffett’s tactics and clue investing money wisely as well as knowing when and how to invest money and when to pull it. The stock market has made Warren Buffett the third richest man in the world and has allowed him to donate to some very good causes the only just one Buffett donate to the AIDS epidemic he also donates to Africa and different Ventures and around the United States. Warren Buffett has been involved in just about everything from feeding people with his own League of Dairy Queen to ensuring people with his only go Geico and even to and political standpoint with his help in the 2008 election of President Barack Obama he supported the Democrats fully up on their endeavour against McCain it rejected any support would go to the Republican party as their views did not match his he is a person of the people that John McCain was not he suggested that John McCain have a lobotomy of his views before asking him for assistance.

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