Who is Warren Buffett?

Who is Warren Buffett a question and millions around the world ask every year will it snow real answer as to who Warren Buffett is just what he is as he is a private man he does not let details of his personal life seep out into the public. Warren Buffett is a philanthropist and stockbroker he is also notably the third richest man in the world, being chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has set Warren Buffett with an Investment Portfolio worth millions don’t Warren Buffett has said before that he regrets investment in Berkshire Hathaway this company is the Forefront of the genius stock market is fortune. Warren Buffett was married for 52 years to Susan Thompson the 52-year marriage brought about three children that also follow in their Father’s Footsteps not only of giving back but starting companies to help the situations of others around the world. Many people do not know this but

Warren Buffett also played a role in the 2008 election of President Obama sponsoring a dinner in Obama’s home city of Chicago Illinois Warren Buffett hosted a $30,000 per plate event to raise money for causes related to Obama’s presidential election. Warren Buffett is an avid Democrat believe that everyone should get a fair chance and that just because you make more money than the average person does not mean that you should have more rights than them and he also believe that if you make less money you should pay less money in taxes these are just some of the ways Warren Buffett is changing the world currently giving back to causes such as AIDS the countries that in the situation in Africa Warren Buffett fluctuates his money accordingly and gives back to many causes effect in the world today but does it in a behind-the-scenes manner.

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