Where Warren Buffett Stands On The Giving Pledge.

There are many wealthy people who donate millions to charity, and for many of them, this is more or less a publicity stunt. Then there are wealthy people who actually enjoy giving, and who do not actually care about their fortune. Warren Buffett is world famous for not only being frugal but for saying time and time again that he doesn’t care about his fortune and in fact most of it will be given away to charity once he passes away. Warren Buffett did this so that his children do not expect a handout, and he has been known for cutting his children off after their schooling was paid for.

Warren Buffett is a man who has been known for his generosity, and along with his friend has made the giving pledge. The Giving Pledge is a project that has encouraged the worlds wealthiest people to give half of their wealth to philanthropy causes, and the results have been overwhelming as of yet. Warren Buffett has pledged to donate most of his estate away, which he was famous for doing with his wife Susan. Bill and Melinda Gates have also pledged along with Warren, and these are just a few of the famous billionaires who are going to be giving their income to good causes.

Warren Buffett is a well-known philanthropist, and his wife Susan was actually even more famous often times singing at charity events and whatever else she could devote her time and money to. Warren Buffett is a very frugal man, but he is also extremely smart with his income and he knows how to make a living doing what he loves. He has often timed said that the money doesn’t actually matter to him and that he will continue to donate most of it away including with the giving pledge.

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