Where Did Warren Buffett Get His Money?

Warren Buffett gets his money from investing and buying stocks, he is a stock trader, an investor, and a businessman. He began his investing career on Wall Street as an Analyst.

While he was growing up in Omaha as a child, he learned about investing and making money as his father owned a small brokerage. Therefore, as he grew older, he was transferred from the University of Pennsylvania to the University of Nebraska, he graduated in three years with a degree in business.

Unfortunately, he was rejected by Harvard Business School, but that did not stop him to keep learning and growing, he enrolls in graduate studies at Columbia Business School.

Benjamin Graham a security analyst taught him the fundamentals of value investing and convince him to work as a stockholder and opened several partnerships. Indeed, he follows the advice and he was a millionaire at the age of 31.

When he was young, he combines all of his savings and his earning in a share portfolio, he became a hedge fund manager. Warren Buffett invests on other people’s behalf, the fees generated by his investing abilities through the partnership made him rich, by leveraging other people’s money. A talent that made him the man he is now.

Ever since he has made millions investing in different companies, windmills, bottling, American Express, Coca-Cola, and many more, during that time he found the textile manufacturing firm Berkshire Hathaway and began to buy shares in it and later taking control of the company.

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