When Did Warren Buffett Start Investing?

One main question that people have in regards to Warren Buffett is when did he actually start investing. They just see his name in the news or have heard that he is one of the top investors, but they have no idea when he started investing or how he even go to the point he is at now. They don’t know all the hard work that went into him getting to the point he’s at.

He bought his first stock at the age of 11. It was for Cities Service for $38 per share. Since that point, he has made $75 billion. This has made him one of the richest men in the entire world. Since that first stock, he has learned some valuable lessons.

For starters, he has learned to buy and hold the stocks without watching them too closely. He doesn’t pay attention to the headlines and insists that, no matter what, America will do fine over time. In all reality, when he bought his first stock, the US was actually losing the war and headlines didn’t look good. That still didn’t stop him though.

The other biggest thing he learned was that prices go up and down every day. He never knows how the market will be the next day and he’s big on holding the stocks for longer periods of time. This is what he’s been doing since that first stock and he continues doing it today. With him being one of the richest men, it must be working!!

As you can see, Warren Buffett has done a lot to get to the point he’s at today. He has worked hard and learned a lot through his years that have made him great at investing. In addition, he has continued learning and that plays a hand in his successful career as one of the top investors.

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