When Did Warren Buffett Buy Dairy Queen

America for the past century has created a living culture on the sweets that we love so much. There is a lot to enjoy about a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a waffle cone. Your great-grandfather may have had the enjoyment of tasting that sensation. Keep in mind that his life was likely a lot different than the life that you had. It was something that anybody could enjoy regardless of their race or the other things that they believe in. There are tons of different companies that embrace this philosophy and Warren Buffet is a person who will never forget that kind of thinking.

Dairy Queen is a very iconic store location for many areas. Even though many young people don’t go there anymore, it can not distract from the fact that it has been in this country for almost 76 years. One of the things that they are are splits and different combinations with cookie brands. You have your iconic banana splits and then you have cookies and cream combinations with Oreo. There is a lot to look at with this store. They even have their own grill section which has become a newer part of the store.

Warren Buffet is somewhat associated with the company. He is one of their most popular customers and makes sure to go there occasionally when he has the time. He has gained a lot just from taking some time to speak with people. He has talked closely with the CEO of Dairy Queen and has invested some of his money into the company. Dairy Queen even has their own stand at Berkshire Hathaway. It certainty expresses who Warren Buffet is as a person and tells people a little bit more about him that we didn’t know in the past.

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