What’s Inside Of Warren Buffet’s Portfolio.

Warren Buffett is a diverse investor who believes in the principles of Value Investing, and as such he tends to keep his money in companies for a long period of time. Warren Buffett has been known to invest heavily in American banking, and he has large positions in Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. To understand Warren Buffett one must understand where the majority of his holdings are, and how much of a position he keeps in each of the companies. Warren Buffett has a $15.06 billion stake in American Express (AXP) which is quite large, but he has been behind American Express for many years.

When you think Warren Buffett you will think of an American company, and the fact that he backs anything that is good and home has grown. Warren Buffett keeps his portfolio nice and tight, and when he backs a company he doesn’t just sell when the share price goes up. His position in Southwest Airlines (LUV) is worth $3.12 billion, and although the company is constantly facing turmoil including new accusations about exploding Boeing 747 engines. Warren Buffett stands behind the companies that he invests in, and he knows how to make a company profitable. His portfolio is a testament to sheer determination and the loyalty that it takes to actually make a profit investing in stocks.

Buffett also has a strong position in Phillips 66 (PSX), which is worth about $7.55 billion. When it comes to investing in stocks Warren Buffett loves him an American company with a long period of growth behind it, and the history of his portfolio demonstrates this. Warren has long held a position in Wells Fargo as well, even after the massive scandal that broke out. Warren Buffett stands behind most of the stocks in his portfolio, and this should be a lesson for would-be investors.

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