What Warren Buffett Does in the Morning

The habits of the rich and powerful fascinate the public. People pour over every detail of their lives to discover if the key to phenomenal success lies in habits or if some folks are just born lucky. Few people have reached the level of financial success that Warren Buffett has. At 87 years old, he has amassed a fortune worth over $84 billion dollars. For someone that rich, his morning routine surprises.

Warren Buffett wakes up fairly late for a billionaire. Most rich, powerful people boast about the virtues of starting the day around four am like the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. Buffett reportedly wakes at 6:45 am. Though he wakes up relatively late for a mega-rich businessman, Buffett wakes earlier than many, especially considering that his day ends at almost 11 pm.

Studies show that people who wake up early feel proactive, optimistic and are better planners. It’s less remarkable that top CEOs, like Warren Buffett, wake up earlier than most of the population.

He begins his day by taking in the day’s news. In the morning, he reads the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Forbes magazine. Warren Buffett holds tremendous value in reading. Reading and thinking keep his mind calm and sharp which enables him to “make less impulse decisions than most people business.”

Depending on how the stock market performs that day, he decides how much his breakfast will cost. He buys his breakfast from McDonald’s and spends no more than $3.17 reserved for when he feels prosperous. Warren Buffett uses exact change that his wife leaves for him in his cup holder.

He says choosing breakfast in this way reinforces his philosophy of frugality and fiscal responsibility. Buffett in a small way reminds himself of the stock market’s influence.

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