What stocks are Warren Buffett buying?

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s top 5 Investments. Take an in-depth look at the Investment Portfolio of billionaire Warren Buffett. The companies that he has as his holding company is Berkshire Hathaway. Look at his Investments as if looking at a pie chart it is sectioned off into the different types of companies that Mr. Buffett invest in. The larger have of his Investments which are about 40% consist of financial institutions such as Banks and similar entities 25% consumer staples 17% in its information and 6% and Industrial and 6% into consumer discretion Aries and 4% into energy and 1% into health and basic material. Warren Buffett’s holding company Berkshire Hathaway has about a hundred billion dollars cash on hand and about 80 billion of that is earmarked for acquisition and Investments.

Berkshire Hathaway is a company that owns companies. Below is a list of acquisition requirements number one it must be a large purchase of at least 50 million dollars number two they must demonstrate consistent earning power number 3 the businesses must have good returns on Equity while employed little or no debt. The number of the management must be in the place they will not supply it. And number five the business must be simple if there’s a lot of Technology involved they will not understand it. Number 6. an offer right away. They do not want to waste their time on a seller talking even primarily about the transaction. The larger the company the greater the interest will be they would like to make an acquisition in the 5 billion and 20 billion dollar range.

Now here is the top five companies that Warren Buffett own stock in through Berkshire Hathaway. First at the number one position is Wells Fargo ticker symbol WFC. Wells Fargo stock has been doing pretty good overall they’re up 8%. Millions of people exchange Commerce through this entity in the form of personal and business transactions. And next on the list is his second largest position is Kraft/Heinz ticker symbol KHC This company basically owns most food in the grocery store. They make Kraft macaroni and cheese, Heinz tomato ketchup and other brands. Even though the market is up overall Kraft Heinz is actually down 11%. Even though the market is up. For a massive company, this is not a really bad thing, however, it’s not a good thing either. This is still stock invested in a large amount of the food industry. Listed at a 3rd largest position is Apple. The Apple corporation ticker symbol AAPL is the largest company in the world it owns Z magic, Siri, Beats Electronics, Novartis Prime. This is a relatively new position for him but as of late it has been the trend for an older investor to invest in apple product because of his massive market cap. Despite the market flux and the negative sales reports of the I-Phone X.Their stock has grown 26% over the years. And at the fourth largest is Coca-Cola Corporation. The Coca-Cola (KO )brand is a stable dividend paying stock.

This particular brand is so massive that it has the power to buy out the competition. If their particular brand is showing potential than the Coca-Cola Corporation will buy them for millions. And last but not least in the fifth largest position is Bank of America ticker symbol BAC. Bank of America it’s the second bank on this list. The Bank of America made the list because of its ability and, it is not affected by the dip in the stock market. The Bank of America was actually up 39% over Apple which was up 42%. Warren Buffett has at least 30 to 50 stocks in his portfolio but listed only the top five he had invested in this year. Discover from observation of the portfolio of Warren Buffett is that he tends to choose the stock that is stable and pays dividends rather than the risk of the fast-growing stock. The top five companies that Warren Buffett has stock in there are Wells Fargo, Kraft , Coca-Cola, Apple, Bank of America.

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