What Stock Did Warren Buffett Buy Recently?

To get what Warren Buffett in the investment industry, Berkshire Hathaway is the firm to follow. Warren Buffett leads the firm. In terms of stock trading, this company is the most widely followed company in the world. Its stock portfolio is massive. The portfolio is an indication of stock Warren Buffett is endorsing. As an experienced investor, his decision to buy a particular stock is seen as the only fate for particular stocks. The Oracle of Omaha as he is popularly known attracts admiration from many investors. He has managed to create a massive wealth of over $80 billion by investing in stocks. The main method that he applies is long-term trading. He looks for undervalued stocks and buys them for a long term.

The latest purchases that the company has made were revealed in the last quarter of 2017. Although the quarter did not show a lot of activities, there were some buys and sells the firm had made. Generally, 2017 was a slow year for the firm.

The biggest purchase of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. in 2017 was Apple stocks. The company added $ 20 billion in Apple shareholding. Warren Buffett seems to have massive confidence in Apple. Rarely does he make investments in the technology industry but when he does, he is double sure of what he is doing. He is imp5ressed by the performance of Apple and its ability to maintain clients over a long time. This is the biggest advantage that the company has over other companies. The total investment in Apple from Berkshire now stands at $28 billion.

Other companies where the company added more investments include U.S Bankcorp, Berkshire bought $2 million. They also added $10 million to Bank of New York. Berkshire has a huge interest in the banking industry. Its biggest shareholding is in Wells Fargo.

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