What Did Warren Buffett Major In?

Mr. Warren Buffett majored in a few things at a young age, setting out to business school, and becoming a paperboy to achieve his goal of becoming a millionaire. Below you will see how one person strive to achieve by engaging in several jobs and setting goals to get there.

Since the beginning, Warren was born into success, his dad was a congressman and a stockbroker which gave him the encouragement to become the same way. He even invested his in stocks at the age of 11 after visiting the New York Stock Exchange for him and his siblings.

At the age of 15, after receiving his first couple of thousands, Warren purchased his first property to pay for college. Warren has two degrees, one in Bachelor of Science at the University of Nebraska and the other one in Master of Science economics in Columbia. Even after receiving both degrees he went back to school for public speaking and began teaching at the University he graduated from. He was successful in several ways including investments.

This is a prime example of thoughts become things, Warren set his mind to becoming a millionaire by the age of 35, with hard work and dreaming it became true. He didn’t just stay with one thing, he explored different ways to make more income, like magazines door to door sales, stamps, Coca-Cola beverages, even his own pinball machines. These all led him to a comfortable life and forming Buffett Partnership Ltd.

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