Warren Buffett’s Top Two Rail Road Stocks.

Warren Buffett is an investment genius, and he has said over and over again that if you are not going to hold onto a stock for at least ten years then there is no point in making an investment at all. There have been many different companies that Warren Buffett has invested in during the course of his fifty-year career, and the industries range from pharmaceuticals to electric vehicles. If the investment is good, there is definitely a chance that Warren Buffett is going to invest in it. Warren Buffett also believes in standing behind good old American companies who have been in business for decades and continue to turn a handsome profit.

What is more American than the railroad industry? You wouldn’t think of investing in the railroads with all of the advances in technology, but there is still quite a bit of profit to be made betting on the original mode of transportation. Warren Buffett has stood behind two train stocks, and they continue to turn a profit every year for him. Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP) is a name that you see quite often running across railroad tracks throughout the country. With the recent boom in shale production Union Pacific has been on an upswing, and being one of the oldest railroad companies in the United States helps the company continue to break profit records.

Canadian National (NYSE: CNI) is another major player in the railroad stock chase because the company is one of the major links between the United States and Canada for imports of products. The company has been backed by Warren Buffett for quote a few years now and has over 22,000 miles of track that it owns. These are just two of the winning companies in the railroad game that Warren Buffett stands behind.

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