Warren Buffett’s Top Holdings Are In American Banking.

Warren Buffett is a master of the investment world, and of course, if you are a would-be investor you are definitely interested in choosing some of the same stock picks as this extraordinary man. When it comes to choosing stocks like Warren Buffett one must take a look at his top holdings, and remember that many of Warrens stocks he has carried for over a decade. Warren believes in value investing, and as such he has been known to hold onto a position for a very long time and let it prosper for him.

His top positions range from financial to the commodity market such as Coca-Cola, and this is because he believes in sticking behind well known American brands. Now with that being said, he does have a $116 billion war chest at his disposal which he can use to continue to back new companies but he generally will keep his position for a very long time. Right now Warren Buffett’s top position is with Wells Fargo (WFC) which is valued at $29.28 billion. The struggling bank has been his top pick and position for over a decade, even with the recent scandal that broke out regarding new customer accounts. This is not his only position in the financial market either, as he also holds a strong position with Bank of America (BAC) valued at $20.66 billion.

These are just some of Warren Buffett’s top positions, and he tends to keep his hold on a company for a very long time as I said. Learning to value invest like Warren Buffett means being able to hold onto a company, even when the times look tough or there is turmoil ahead. As the Oracle of Omaha has said over and over again, fear is the best time to invest in the market.

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