Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Rules of Success

Warren Buffett is a self-made billionaire, who has extensive knowledge on how to get financially secure. There are gurus out there that give this type of advice, but it is sometimes vague. Warren Buffet’s top ten rules of success has helped him. He believes it will help others too.

The first rule is finding your passion. Here he states that it’s better to take the job that you love doing. You want to find the job that you were born to do even if you already had money. The second rule is hiring well. Make sure the person has what you are needing for your company. Do not give any thought to what people think of you is number three. Not everyone will agree with you on everything, and that is fine. The fourth rule is to read. Enriching your mind through reading keeps it strong and sharp. Having a margin of safety is rule number five. You cannot be too sure of what will happen, so leave room for adjustments.

A sixth rule is needing a competitive advantage. Because people will try to emulate what you have, it’s best to always stay ahead. Look at your personality is rule seven. Work in the way that is best for you. If having a meeting is not your cup of tea then don’t have one. Rule eight is staying competitive. It’s not good to be complacent because another will come in and push you behind. The last two rules go hand in hand. Not only must you set the tone to be successful but you must show unconditional love while doing it.

Warren Buffett’s top ten rules are designed to keep a business healthy. Business owners should follow these. There is nothing like having a helping hand.

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