Warren Buffett’s Servers

The infamous Warren Buffett has somewhat of direct email you cannot personally reach him at the email but the multimillion-dollar company receives about 300 emails a day and no it’s not @ any of the regular domains it’s his own personal company Berkshire Hathaway something like the President of the United States Warren Buffet has set up an elaborate system in which he can receive hundreds of e-mails a day at his personal companies domain and have them send through various servers so that the important philanthropist and businessman only read a select amount from certain recipients.

Berkshire Hathaway also hey the mailing address and received the letters from the public daily there are many ways to reach this company by email is the preferred way and you will get an answer back quickly. Warren Buffet has had 3 children and also have their own personal endeavors such as Susan Buffett Susan is the owner of Sherwood Hathaway following in the steps of her father at Berkshire Hathaway her email is set up exactly the same as Warren Buffett’s emails because she is such a busy woman. If you plan on contacting Warren Buffett keep in mind this will be somewhat of a hard job as the philanthropist has a dedicated staff monitoring everything before it can possibly get to his desk rarely if ever a piece of mail from a civilian will get a view by him or ever makes it to his desk. Warren Buffett is such an important man this is one of the only ways to contact him there are no personal numbers given out for this philanthropist and million dollars businessman as he is a busy man in the job of regulating the country through his charitable work and his organizations for human advancement as well.

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