Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires’ Club

Warren Buffett has a web TV show about kids being in a secret millionaires club. Webisode 26 is about building a good reputation for yourself as well as business. Being kind, generous, honest, and thoughtful to others. Good reputations are important to maintain because you have to make sure that your reputation outlasts everybody else’s. It can take five minutes to ruin a reputation by doing something that goes counter to your character. Buffett’s cartoon is about how he serves as a mentor to entrepreneurial-minded children. This show teaches the basics of good financial decision-making.

Buffett offers the basic lessons of how to start a business as well. In 2011 and 2012, the animated series expanded into a sponsored educational program called “Learn & Earn,” within-school materials, at-home activities for families and after-school programs. The program includes an annual national competition that lays out a challenge; for children to come up with their own business ideas. Warren Buffett plays himself in this series, as a folksy, down-to-earth sort of guy, who is an intense participant in the stock market. The characters are Warren, Elena, Jones, Radley, and Lisa. Elena is a smart and concise thinker.

Jones is an athlete who is funny, and the loud one of the group. He usually has one type of sporting equipment attached to him besides his sense of humor as a risk-taker whose impulsivity gets him into trouble. If everybody is into chess, he plays checkers. Radley is a techie who is conservative with the way he does business, not deciding anything unless he looks at the decision from every possibility. Lisa is the most careful with money out of the whole group, as she is a fashion-oriented person who is more sophisticated than others, as she is energetic and inquisitive as well as being a photographer.

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