Warren Buffett’s Schedule for Success

Warren Buffett, a man of success to many multitudes, has a daily routine just like most people. Is Warren Buffett’s schedule the key to his success? Or is there more to it than just the schedule itself?
Warren says he starts his day by waking up at 6:45 AM and then after getting ready begins driving to his office, which is only five minutes away. Then grabs a breakfast at McDonald’s with a range of three choices all at different price points. He bases his choices of breakfast by price according to how well the market is doing. If the market is at a low he’ll go with the $2.61 breakfast, if the market is steady he’ll go with the $2.95 choice, and when the market is at a high he’ll go with the $3.17 choice. This goes back to the mentality of “every penny counts” which is strongly believed in by Warren.
Once the day gets started and the market opens for the day Warren begins reading. He believes that everybody should read up to 500 pages a day as that will create greater knowledge. Warren spends most of his days reading because he genuinely loves to, his schedule is built around having full control of his time. This is possible by just using the word “no” as no one should be in control of your time besides yourself.
The last major point of his routine is his love for sleep. He doesn’t stay up late working 18 hours or anything like that. Warren Buffett likes to get his beauty sleep by going to bed around 10:45 PM. He claims all of this is possible because of his forward thinking and understanding that with the right financials he can have full control of his life.
Warren Buffet’s schedule isn’t anything insanely difficult to perform, yet he still manages to be one of the most financially successful people in the world. McDonalds and reading, those are the keys to his daily schedule. This just shows how the idea of every penny counting and taking control of your time and world can bring true success, as shown by Warren Buffett himself.

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