Warren Buffett’s Recommended Books

It is no surprise that people would be interested in the books that are read by Warren Buffett. He is so successful and smart, so to get in the mind of a successful billionaire, it could have to do with the books he recommends. Some of these books that are listed will change your view on certain topics and certainly help you along the way. Mr. Buffett’s recommendations are sure to make the books go flying off the bookshelves. Dream Big, written by Cristiane Correa, is a very eye-opening book. The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham, this book will surely teach you a trick or two in investing. The Most Important Things Illuminated, written by, Howard Marks, another great inspiring book. Little Book of Common Sense Investing, written by, Jack Bogle, the title explains what this book is basically about. Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises, written by, Timothy F. Geithner. Here is another great book titled, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, written by, Philip A. Fisher. Mr. Buffett’s recommendations are great ways to learn and excel the mind of people who are trying to be successful and learn a little more about finances and investing. Security Analysis: Principles and Technique, written by Benjamin Graham, is another book that Mr. Buffett feels people should read, again this is another book that after reading you will learn something. All of these books are good to pick up and read, they will all be worth your time, and hopefully, you will walk away with a better understanding, and grasp of financial and investing tactics.

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