Warren Buffetts Portfolio Is Quite American

Warren Buffett is one of the most influential stock investors in the world, with a portfolio that spans fifty years of investment knowledge. Many new would-be investors simply figure if they invest in the same companies as Warren they can make money like Warren too, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a method to his magic, and there are many different aspects that go into a portfolio like that found at Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett is not flashy, and as such, he likes to invest in good solid American made companies, which provide steady growth for the long term.

Warren Buffett has held a position in Coca-Cola for over thirty years, and this has turned out to be one of his most profitable investments. It is said that Warren also eats a Sausage McMuffin and drinks a Coca-Cola daily at McDonald’s, so evidently, he really believes in his investment. Warren Buffett also holds a majority position in Apple, with 165,333,962 shares that are valued at $27.97 billion. Warren Buffett began to invest in Apple after Steve Jobs took the helm again, and after the success of the iPod and iPhone this has turned out to be one of his most profitable investments.

Warren also believes in the American financial sector, as he holds positions in Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Even after the big scandal broke out with Wells Fargo forcing their employees to sell bank accounts for bonuses. Warren has stayed faithful to both banks, and this just shows a testament to how he actually invests in a company and not just in what the market is doing. Warren Buffett’s portfolio is diverse, yet is actually quite American. Warren believes in investing American, and his portfolio is a reflection of this philosophy.

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