Warren Buffett’s Political Party of Choice

Warren Buffett is the successful entrepreneur of making wise investments in stock trading that has made billions of dollars in revenue for Buffett and the investment firm he is CEO of, Brookshire Hathaway. By his early thirties, Warren Buffett was a millionaire. Today, in 2018, Buffett is the second wealthiest person in the world, with a net worth of $85.6 billion dollars. Today, we will examine and discuss Warren Buffett’s political views.

Warren Buffett Is A Registered Democrat
Warren Buffett is a registered Democrat. Buffett gave considerable support to the Obama administration. During the Obama administration, Buffett counseled the president on financial and economic matters. During the Obama administration, the “Buffett Rule” was put before legislation. This “Buffett Rule” basically supported higher taxes for higher incomes and lower taxes for lower and middle-class income. As Buffett has pointed out numerous times to the press, his income is taxed at 19% and his much-less wealthy employees paid 33%.

Warren Buffett and The Affordable Health Care Act
Warren Buffett is not a supporter of the current health care plan. Buffett agreed with the concept of health care for all incomes. However, Buffett feels like the current health care offered is not helping the people here in this country that much.

Warren Buffett Supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidental Election
Ever since the Civil Rights Movement, Warren Buffett has been a Democrat. In 2011, Warren Buffett donated the maximum amount allowed per year by the Federal Election Commission, $30,800 dollars. The following year in 2012, Bonnett donated $30,000 dollars to the Democrat Party.

Warren Buffett is A Big Supporter of Civil Rights Causes
Warren Buffett has made several references to Doctor Martin Luther King in his press interviews. Buffett considers Dr. King as one of the most prolific speakers in this country’s history.

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