Warren Buffett’s Parents

Warren Buffet is a revered investor, business magnate as well as a philanthropist. He is well known as the chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway. Also well known a leading investor in the world, he is currently valued at $87.5 billion; this makes him one of the wealthiest investors not only in America but the world.

Introducing Howard Buffet
Behind the success story of Warren Buffet is a hardworking man who put in a lot of resources to educate his son; Howard Buffet is Warren Buffet’s father. He was a prominent American businessman, entrepreneur, and investor. Alongside being a dedicated politician, he represented Nebraska as a Republican.

Where did Howard Buffet grow up?
Howard Buffet grew up in Omaha, Nebraska under the care of his father, Ernest Buffet as well as the mother Henrietta Duvall Buffet. The family owned a grocery stores business in which Howard managed for some time before joining the school. At a tender age, he joined public schools. Later on, he joined the University of Nebraska in 1952. As a student, he became a huge participant of the famous Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. In 1925, he married Leila and became an active participant of the Dundee Presbyterian Church. Because he did not secure a job in the grocery business, he decided to establish a small brokerage firm that turned out to be his major success story.

Leila Buffet
Similarly, Leila Buffet, Warren’s mother was supportive of her husband’s decision to start the business. Born in 1903, she was the daughter of one John Stahl and Stella Stahl. Leila also supported his son, Warren Buffet in his quest to pursue business. Moreover, she managed to unite her family even when they had disagreements. Without a doubt, she was a loving mother who wanted the best for her children.

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