Warren Buffett’s Occupation

If you know anything about Warren Buffet, you know that he’s the most successful investor of the 21st century. That is a very impressive feat considering that America is a capitalistic country. Americans have always been pioneers for success, this is why so many people want to be a part of that country. They want to raise their children so that they can go to colleges that will give them lucrative paychecks. There is nothing wrong with this aspect even though people seem to have a problem with that. If you’re willing to work for something in this land, then you are allowed to go out and get it. This is what Americans tell each other.

That one principle is the American dream. But stock broking is something that has a lot of power in this country. So much so that we have experienced several recessions because Wall Street has gotten greedy. Their actions alone have costs many companies stocks to plummet. At the same time, they make a killing off of their profits. In fact, some of the highest earning brokers make more money than some of the highest-earning athletes. There is a right way and then there is a wrong way to do things.

Warren has always done things his way. He was born in 1930s Omaha, Nebraska. A more optimal place to be born would be New York. He would get to see how to exploit the market and make as much money as possible. But he cares about the people and decided not to do that. What he cares about more than anything else in the future. This is why he has invested in Philanthropy. He wants to make sure that the world is going to have resources after it crashes and burns.

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