Warren Buffett’s New Positions For 2018.

Warren Buffett is partners in one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, and that is Berkshire Hathaway. The company owns shares in almost every major American company that you can think of, from the Geico Insurance company to Kraft Heinz. The portfolio of Berkshire is watched very carefully by the investment community, everyone wants to know what Warren Buffett’s next move is going to be. When it comes to investing the stock market there is not a man who has more of a keen knowledge and the ability to make stellar predictions about the market that always seem to come true.

This year Warren Buffett kept true to his strategy of keeping a stock for ten years, with an increased position in Apple (AAPL). Berkshire Hathaway purchased 32.1 million new shares in Apple, which increases the total amount of shares under Warren’s control to 165.3 million. Warren Buffett doesn’t tend to buy huge amounts of new stock each year, instead, he increases his position in the companies that Berkshire Hathaway already have. This is a smart strategy and one of the reasons that Berkshire Hathaway remains one of the powerhouse investment firms in the country.

Warren Buffett also owns a number of banking stocks, increasing his overall shares in US Bancorp to over 10.6 million. Berkshire Hathaway looks to be healthier than ever, and with the added positions that Warren Buffett made this year, the company will continue to post healthy gains with very little risk. Warren Buffett is not a man who likes to buy and sell stocks actively, and will always hold onto a company if possible. Warren Buffett is a value investor, and as such he looks for stocks that will last for the long term and continue to provide his company with healthy gains year after year.

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