Warren Buffett’s Net Worth in 2017

When the name Warren Buffett is said what comes to mind. Hard working, smart, innovative are some of the words people connect with this name. Also we think about the income he gains.

Mr. Warren Buffett makes earning money look easy and effortless but we all know that strategy plays a part in this multi-billionaires success. The smart investor’s net worth in 2017 was an astonishing $81.5 billion dollars. Yes, billion with a B. This is a $7 billion dollar increase from 2016.

Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Many corporations in America don’t even make that type of cash. The combination of making the correct stock investments to investing in a furniture chain to investing and keeping the property he owns in Omaha, Nebraska has made this man very wealthy.

Now that we are here in 2018 many might ask what will Warren Buffett’s net worth be this year. Some are estimating around $84 billion dollars but it is a huge possibility that this man will proceed our expectations again. His early days of being an investment salesman have boosted him to the man as we well know today.

The thinking of Warren Buffett is something to stop and pause it. I like the quote “someone is sitting in the shade because someone planted a tree long time ago.” This one quote teaches us many things. To plan, to act, to be patient and have faith that the hard work we put in today can bring benefits tomorrow not just to ourselves but to many people around us. Even though choices we make yesterday can affect us today the choices we make today can affect us tomorrow. What will your tomorrow look like? Will you be happy or have many regrets.

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