Warren Buffett’s Million Dollar Contest

Every year Warren Buffett has a competition to see if anyone at any of his subsidiaries worldwide can guess until the final four or even the sweet 16 of the March Madness Tournament so far no one has claimed this prize but every year someone walks away with $100,000 at random as a drawing is conducted to pay out and employee at Berkshire Hathaway even if no one wins this is just another way Warren Buffett takes care of his employees and treats them like families by giving them this opportunity to earn a million dollars just for watching college basketball if a team from Omaha what happens to win on Nebraska in general Warren Buffett will a water extra million dollars on top of the million dollars he’s already offering for anyone who guesses into the final four no one at any of his subsidiaries has completed this task yet but every year people closer and closer without a second thought Warren Buffett invest his money in people because he knows people will bring the money right back this is why he offers the million dollar challenge because he knows loyal employees to work harder to reach the March Madness time of year to also read into the tournament and that means better performance year-round by offering them this deal. One thing is for sure whatever Warren Buffett does with his money he make sure to give back to his community the March Madness game may be a gamble but this is Home Warren Buffett has made his money since he isn’t the stock market everything has been a gamble for him he is trying to establish that sometimes you win sometimes you lose but you should always try because you never know what can happen this is why the community love him so much.

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