Warren Buffett’s Kids

Warren Buffet is known for being one of the richest men in the world yet it is Warren Buffet’s kids that are so often overlooked. Although not as successful as their father all three of his children show signs of following in his footsteps in one form or another. The three children of Warren Buffet are Susan Howard and Peter Buffet. All three of them either have their own company or they are working very closely with a company that does a lot of philanthropic type work.

Just with their career choices alone, it shows how much their father taught them about giving back to communities and to people that didn’t have the same opportunities as they did. His children work with charities both overseas and in the United States. Beyond their work, the family has stayed close it is said that Susan lives right down the street from her father and still refers to him as daddy despite her being all grown up.

When it comes to Warren Buffets extreme wealth although his children will get a large inheritance it really is a tiny portion of their father’s wealth as most of it is going to charities that he has invested his life into. The way that Warren Buffet put it is that he wants his children to have enough to do anything they want but not enough to sit on their butts forever. Overall his children though not as famous as himself are all successful “productive people in society that know the importance of giving to those that are in need and to give to causes to help others around the world learn and better their lives in one form or another.”

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