Warren Buffett’s House

Warren Buffet lives in a fairly quiet neighborhood inside of the city of Omaha in a modest home that is only worth just less than 1% of his total net worth. Buffet has lived here since he brought the house back in 1958 for just $31,500. Today the home would have cost about $250,000 if he had bought it for the same amount as he had back in 1958. His home today would go on the market for around $652,619. All that from a $31,500 investment. For good reason, Buffet calls this home he purchased back in 1958 the third-best investment he has made in his entire career. That’s saying something given how many investments he has made in his lucrative career.

Buffet’s home is a modest 6,570 square foot home that has 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with fences and security cameras protect his property. “Why such a modest home?” many may ask. Because as Warren Buffet puts it “He is happy here” and if he is happy he sees no other reason to get a more extravagant house. If he is happier, the way he sees it then that’s all that matters.

Warren Buffet has also stated that he would be very happy with way less than he has. He has the money to buy basically anything he wants, but he cares more about being comfortable and happy in his home than owning something luxurious and showy. After all, long as you are happy, who needs a massive house anyways?

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