Warren Buffett’s house costs … ?

Not all successful people live in 20,000 square for homes with 5 pools and 10 bedrooms. Success is not measured by the number square footage. Warren Buffett teaches us this.

Warren Buffett resides in a lovely home in Omaha Nebraska. He bought his residence in 1958. He paid $31,500 dollars for his abode, which is equivalent to today’s $250,000 dollars. Why does he not buy a huge 30,000 square foot home? The answer? Because he is smart.

This 6,570 square foot home has 5 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Of course, this beautiful home has high-end finishes and top of the furniture that will stand the test of time. Warren Buffett is proof that bigger is not always better. He can afford to live anywhere he wishes. If he wanted to and could live on the moon he could afford it.

This house is yet another smart investment of Mr. Warren Buffett. It is now worth a whopping $652,619 dollars. Wow, that is a far cry from $31,500 dollars. This house is worth over 20 times more than what it was when he purchased it. Talk about smart investing. Buying a home is not all about business it is also about family. Making memories and sharing them in a warm home is what it’s all about.
Unlike a lot of other investments, a home affects the family and their daily lives.
Just imagine the pitter patter of little feet as they run toward daddy to welcome him back home, or the long hugs before sending the kids off to school.

I guess we as a society have a lot to learn. The biggest isn’t always the best and the largest isn’t always the loveliest.

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