Warren Buffett’s Father

Howard Homan Buffett was a famous American investor, politician and a veteran businessperson. He was born in the year 1903, 13th of August in Omaha, Nebraska United States. Ernest and Duval Buffett were his parents who own grocery business. In his political ambition, he wanted to lead as an example in human liberation. He was Eugene D. Sullivan’s successor and a member of Republican Party.

Homan Buffett started his education in public school; work hard in his studies where he later graduated from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in the year 1925. He after that married to Leila Stahl in the same year. Buffet’s family was great believers and active members of Dundee Presbyterian church, besides effort, he put on grocery; he failed to secure a job and decided to venture into stock brokerage.

Buffett began his leadership career in the year 1939 as a member of education board and after that vied in his hometown Nebraska city for U.S. House of Representatives. Despite challenges he faced during the nomination campaign, he won in both primary and general election and led for two terms.

Between the year 1948 and 1952, Homan Buffett served as a nominee of republican for two terms. He served as a real leader since most of his commitment was to benefit and meet the need of the people. Despite challenges in his political career, he never lost hope but continued to his business and helped many citizens by guiding them on living a righteous life for the sake of liberty.

In conclusion, Buffett worked to the truth of his knowledge by defending the rights of Christians and pushed for American democracy action. His legacy was later manifested through his siblings especially the son Warren Buffett a prominent multi-billionaire after venturing entirely on investment and stock brokerage.

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