Warren Buffett’s Everyday Driver

Being the third richest man in the world you would think Warren Buffett was I’ve something of a Bentley or Rolls Royce type of car however he does not he chooses to drive a Cadillac he purchase in 2014 the XTS miles to be specific Warren Buffett also owns a pickup truck which he uses daily as well be the third richest man in the world has not cloudy his judgment as he still only spends 3.17 and they on breakfast and only bought a car worth less than 10% of his net worth. This is the behavior that made him a billionaire so it’s obvious he does not want to stray away from it, the house he bought in 1952 for the approximate amount of $32,000 or $250,000 in today’s money is the house that he still lives in he does not base his life on possessions more so experiences and friends. Warren Buffett donates millions of dollars a year to Charities all over the world and also receives millions of dollars a year through the subsidiaries that he currently owns he is a chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and this is how he has gotten the net worth of 82.7 million. Warren Buffett is factually just not interested in the bigger house or a newer car he is fine with things he has and simply wants to help those around them alongside his 2014 Cadillac he also has a Ford Ranger pickup truck that is primarily used for hauling the Cadillac is Warren Buffett’s daily vehicle and the truck is used mostly for work it’s so crazy to see a billionaire that drives the cars and every day citizens this is just one way Warren Buffett buzzing was society and its closer to the people because of this fact.

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