Warren Buffett’s Diet

Warren Buffett is the second wealthiest man in the world. You would think his daily diet is an exquisite diet full of lean meats and fine vegetables. Right? Wrong!

We all wonder what the rich and famous wear, what gourmet foods they eat, and the mansions they live in and the exotic luxury automobiles they drive look like.

Today, we will look at the Warren Buffett daily diet. To start off with, Warren is not a big drinker of fine expensive bottled water. His preference for a drink is his favorite beverage, Cola-Cola. Warren drinks about 5 cans of Cola-Cola products today and averages at least a two-liter of Cola-Cola a day. His favorite Cola-Cola beverage is Cherry Cola-Cola. Warren Buffett, in his 2015 Fortune article, jokingly said he was “one-quarter” Cola-Cola.

Warren’s favorite condiment is salt, which he uses profusely! Buffett’s favorite snack is See’s sugary crunchy nut peanut brittle, full of sugar, salt, and processed preserves.

What does Warren eat for breakfast? It depends on what the market does that morning. If stocks are up, he gets a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. If stocks are down, he buys just two sausage patties. If the market is flat, he buys the sausage McMuffin.

Of course, as we all know, Warren Buffett owns Dairy Queen. His favorite lunch is Dairy Queen’s chili-cheese dog, a strawberry sundae with chopped nuts, and a Cherry Coke. Of course, between meals, plenty of Cherry Cola-Cola, and more See’s crunchy nut peanut brittle!

For dinner, Warren eats chicken parmigiana with penne from Famous Calabria Pizza or Veal parmigiana from Nonna’s LES Pizzeria. Other favorite dinner entrees Warren likes country-fried steak with mashed potatoes, gravy, and collard greens, a whopping 1540 calories.

Warren Buffet’s cuisine is not the fine dining you probably imagined. Joking in previous articles with Warren he has said he found the lowest death rates is among 6-year-old children. Kind of like Warren’s daily diet and his three ground rules, eat three meals a day, no alcohol, and avoid all vegetables.

Well, at 87 years old and still counting, his diet, like his stock-investing techniques has worked for him. Very well indeed!

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