Warren Buffett’s Current Stock Holdings For 2017.

Warren Buffett has spent over fifty years investing in American made companies, and over the last few decades, he has stayed consistent with his investments. Warren Buffett holds positions in many well-known companies, and he likes to invest in American companies that not only hold their value but keep producing profits every year. When it comes to investing like Warren Buffett one must look at solid, dependable growth. One of the major companies that Warren holds a position in is Wells Fargo (WFC), which is coincidentally his largest position.

You’ll notice that over the course of Warren Buffett’s investments he sticks to the main sectors such as oil, financial, and food. This is because he chooses solid companies, with at least a twenty-year span of growth. There is an exception to this because Warren is also heavily invested in Apple, which has turned out to be one of his most profitable investments over the long term. Warren also holds a $3,119.00 million stake in Southwest Airlines as well, which has recently been under fire for catastrophic engine explosions. These are just some of the examples of Warren Buffett’s diversified portfolio, and go to show how diversification can work.

Because of his vast and diversified portfolio, and a knack for choosing the right businesses Warren can take a hit and not completely lose out. In a recent interview with CNBC, he related his investment knowledge to the game of baseball, which he loves. Warren takes many aspects from the Baseball field and contributes them to the sport of investing as well. Warren Buffett’s portfolio doesn’t change very often, because at this point he has made the right choices and all of his stocks are flourishing. Warren Buffett takes every investment with a grain of salt, and he is always looking toward the future.

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