Warren Buffett’s Choices For Dividend Paying Stocks.

The Oracle of Omaha also known as Warren Buffett has been quite vocal about his stock picks over his last fifty-year career, and he specializes in choosing certain stocks that will make him a profit in the long run. Dividend investing is nothing new in the investment community, in fact, it is one of the best ways to grow your investment in the stock market. A dividend is a quarterly payment that a company will pay out per share, and generally, the oldest and most established companies pay a dividend out to their shareholders as a bonus for investing with the company.

The most notable dividend stock that Warren Buffett has stood behind is Wells Fargo Bank, even in light of the recent scandals that have surrounded the company. Wells Fargo is a stellar company with a proven track record of being the countries oldest banking institution. Their quarterly dividend has never missed a payment, which is one of the reasons that Warren Buffett has continued to stand behind the company for such a long period of time. This isn’t the only dividend stock that Warren Buffett is crazy about, he is also heavily invested in Apple Computer. There is more reason than just a hot stock price that has made Warren Buffett stick with Apple Computer for so long, he has stuck behind the company for over a decade and their dividend payments to shareholders have been getting better with every positive quarterly report.

Warren Buffett is known as a value investor and when it comes to dividend stocks these two companies are the top two that Warren Buffett believes in. Dividend payments are another positive way that Warren Buffett has been able to turn a profit and become one of the wealthiest men in the world.

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