Warren Buffett’s Cars

Warren Buffett is a business owner that likes to keep a low profile. He is not into cars having fancy cars all the time, he would rather have something that looks great and rides great on the highway. The Warren Buffett cars have had the same auto body shape, but they were still different brands.

For example, Warren Buffett has owned a Lincoln Continental for a long time. He says he loves the way that the cars drive. It is not that the cars drive him, but he feels like he is the master of the road in it.

Buffett feels very fortunate to be able to buy expensive cars, but he chooses to buy certain brands for his commute for work. If he is not working, he likes to drive older model cars such as a 1967 Ford Fury. For a pastime, Buffett does like to check out the car tournaments. It gives him a chance to see what others have done to their cars. His son, on the other hand, loves to see how he can become apart of the tournaments. It is a great way for the two gentlemen to continue to bond as family.

Warren Buffett is proud to own a 2012 Honda Accord in which is drives back and forth to his beach house at Laguna Beach. His wife loves to drive a 1999 Buick Regal that she still loves to hold on to. They would both rather spend their money in making investments for the future of their family instead of buying into cars. Maybe, Warren Buffett will have on his 2018 agenda to buy a car lot for his family. That would be ideal to most of his family members. Warren Buffett would then get a chance to own all of the cars that he ever wanted to.

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