Warren Buffett’s Car

Warren Buffett has worked his whole life to make something of himself and understands that there is a price to pay when it comes to the life that he has. With having over 60 companies that he owns there is a lot that comes into play with his life. The ones that have the most business are those that are booming right now.

Warren Buffett owns a car that is good on gas because he believes that he has the things that he needs in his life. This is also why he decided to donate money to the non profit charities out there. Warren likes to better those who are not as lucky which is why he mads the choice to donate $6 million dollars to those who are not as fortunate.

Warren Buffett believes in having cars that are good on the world and the gas that goes into them without breaking the bank to buy that car. He has had the same car for several years due to the fact that he doesn’t need to have the best items in the world. When he thinks about the life that he has he likes to make sure others have items as well.

Dontating to charities is something that many people like to do but they don’t do it enough which is why Warren has made sure that 99% of what he makes does to those that don’t have much and need something. He also talks to his friends to make sure that they understand by donating money they too are making another persons life better in the long run. By doing this somebody else gets to have the same sort of chances that he got which is why he makes sure this happens to those who need the help.

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