Warren Buffett’s Cancer Treatments Are Now Completed

Warren Buffett recently mentioned that he is finally done with all of the radiation treatments that he was getting for his prostate cancer. He is actually very eager to return to work now that this situation is through.

Warren Buffett, who is the CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, just broke the news to us this past Friday while he was talking to one of the groups of executives from a newspaper that Berkshire Hathaway owns. “It’s a great day for me. Today I had my 44th and the last day of radiation,” he said. We learned this from the Omaha World-Herald, which is one of the newspapers that he owns.

Warren Buffett actually told us in April that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. During this time, he told the world that his disease was not life-threatening at all because it was detected very early so they would be able to treat it quickly and promptly.

Any time you discuss the health of Warren Buffett, you immediately begin to question just how long he’s going to be able to continue running Berkshire Hathaway. He actually turned 82 years old just three weeks ago. What did he do to celebrate his birthday? He gave away more of his $44 billion, and this time he gave some of it to his children so that they can help their personal charitable foundations.

When Warren Buffett’s birthday gifts reached the media, he mentioned that he was feeling good and that his decision to give away more money didn’t actually have anything to do with his current health situation. He just wanted to reward his children for the great progress that they were making with their foundations. Their charities help farmers living in impoverished nations, and they also help to prevent violence happening to women. As I’m sure you know already, Warren Buffett has pledged to actually give away the majority of the fortune that he’s earned over the years.

He has also provided some of the Berkshire Hathaway succession plans so far, but not all of them. One thing he mentioned during February is that the CEO has been decided, but he will not tell the public who it is. He also hired two hedge fund managers to handle all of the investments within the larger Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

Finally, it is also widely known that Warren Buffett wants his oldest son Howard to take over the company as nonexecutive chairman.

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