Warren Buffett’s Basketball Bracket

Warren Buffett the billionaire, has issued a challenge for his employees. The payout is hefty and the rules are simple. Warren Buffett will pay one million dollars a year for the Berkshire Hathaway employee who picks the first thirty-two games of the NCAA tournament correctly. Buffett annually holds these challenges for his employees, but last year no one came close to winning it.

This payout of one million dollars a year for life will also be paid to an employee who picks a perfect Sweet 16 bracket. Although no one won last years challenge, two male employees came close, by picking the first twenty games correctly. Their payout was one hundred thousand dollars because they were the longest lasting perfect bracket out of everyone else.

Warren Buffett also promised that this year, if Creighton, an eighth-place team wins the NCAA tournament, the prize will be doubled. This kind of money could change anybody’s life, it must be nice to work for Warren Buffett and have this kind of chance at that kind of money.

Buffett’s bets are pretty safe, considering that not one person has ever correctly guessed a perfect bracket in the twenty-one years of ESPN’s bracket challenge. The odds of picking a perfect bracket are about one in two billion. The odds of predicting the Sweet 16 are less than one in a million. With this kind of odds, it is hard to believe that any employee will come close to winning this challenge. Warren Buffett definitely made the NCAA tournament more interesting and for one lucky employee, well you never know.

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