Warren Buffetts Bank

Warren Buffet American businessman or rather business magnet who sits in the head position at Berkshire Hathaway his investing tactics have put him at the third spot for the richest man in the United States. Basing his endeavors in his birthplace everything Warren Buffett has done has been in his home city of Omaha Berkshire Hathaway headquarters is also based here being the parent company to many brands from dairy queen to the fruit of loom the philanthropist seems to have his hands and everything.

In 2007 Warren Buffett made a bet with the hedge fund for the sum of 1 million dollars and it was basically a sure thing as far as he was concerned the fund manager of protege partners was more than happy to accept this offer. The bet ground on for a total of 10 years before a win was made Warren Buffett encourage the idea that an index fund would generate more Revenue than a handful of hedge funds with over the span of 10 years since he is a philanthropist the investment was virtually pre-decided.

As a multi-millionaire already Warren Buffett has no need for the million dollars that was won in the bet the Omaha native has chosen to donate the million dollars to the charity called Girls Incorporated located in Omaha Nebraska again going back to his roots. The hedge fund bet did have a twist the money appreciated rather fastly so even before their goal of the year they made well over a million dollars is a donation to Girls Incorporated in Omaha is more than likely going to get all of that shares Warren Buffett’s company applying 121% from the time of 2012 to the current date is investing tactics have been second to none in his amazing 70 career.

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