Warren Buffett Yearly Letter

Warren Buffett has an annual letter to the Berkshire Hathaway. It was released on last Saturday. Mr. Buffett is an 87-year-old billionaire investor. He said that Berkshire Hathaway has now 116 billion dollars to make a deal. On the other hand, the prices were too high to spend from the previous year. Mr. Warren Buffett gave valuable investing lessons from the poem “Rudyard Kipling” in the year of 1800s.

Mr. Warren Buffett wants a tax cut and uses a Class A and Class B stock for 25%. He did not want to make a big deal for it in 2017. Mr. Buffett was looking for new businesses to start up and double the profit. Mr. Buffett viewed this for about 50 years with his new business partners.

The company Berkshire lost about three million dollars from three different hurricanes. Berkshire’s wanted to increase earning on non-insurance companies. They are interested in businesses to start up instead. Berkshire had a twenty-nine billion dollars gift from the new tax codes. They made about $65.3 billion dollars in net gross for 2017. Only $36 billion dollars come from their operations.

The Berkshire company bought many companies last year. The company value went from $65.3 billion dollars to $348 billion in 2017. Which was a 23 percent gain. Mr. Warren Buffett is retiring from the Kraft Heinz Company. Mr. Buffett has decided in the letter that he find the right person to replace the Berkshire Company. He found two men from the company.

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