Warren Buffett Yacht

Warren Buffett has made headlines for his frugal spending practices, and in contrast to being the richest man in the world he actually abstains from making extravagant purchases. Many people are under the notion that Warren Buffett has a super yacht, but in reality he is against owning one and does not have any type of boat what so ever. Warren Buffett has made a pledge to donate a good deal of his fortune to charity, and in turn will not be giving any of his children or grand children any handouts.

Warren Buffett is a staunch believer in working for what you want, and he has instilled this work ethic in all of his children. There are many luxuries that the worlds billionaires have gone out and gotten, and the luxury yacht is always the first on most peoples lists for a must have item. Warren Buffett however is extremely frugal and smart with his money, and his private jet was the most luxurious item that he has purchased to date. As well as never opting for a luxury yacht, Warren has also placed his Laguna Beach , California home on the market for $11 million.

This just goes to show how non-materialistic Warren Buffett is. Although the ultra luxury yacht would be an ample choice for a man with Warren Buffett’s income, he is so humble that it just doesn’t suit him. Warren Buffett just recently traded in his 2006 Cadillac DTS after his daughter said that it was embarrassing, and he got another modest Cadillac XTS. Warren Buffett has more interest in making the money then actually spending it, and he actually enjoys what he does for a living. Warren Buffett loves to make investments and win, but as far as a luxury yacht goes, he has never owned one.

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