Warren Buffett: X Change

The world-renowned investment tactics of philanthropic investing Genius Warren Buffett have stumbled the competition, as well as left many people scratching their heads, not able to pinpoint what Warren Buffett exactly put his money into no one, can really say where his fortune is coming from but he is a mess enough money to become the third richest man in the world and his span over the 50 years that has been his career. It was his Berkshire Hathaway put him over the top of many people and he has headed the chairman position of the company for over 40 years is that Warren Buffett is an advocate of sitting on your money and waiting until the right time approaches one can clearly see why Warren Buffett is at the peak of his game even 50 years later. Wells Fargo as well as American Express are all examples of Warren Buffett’s exceptional stock portfolio he also has personal stats such as Coca-Cola his favorite drinking son that he has purchased over of course of years this happens to be his second highest holding with Wells Fargo being his first and American Express coming in a close third place. Also owning shares of housing groups and business and manufacturing groups Warren Buffet invest accordingly into each company taking larger steaks at some companies and less in some others. It’s not the amount of money he invest into these stocks it’s the amount of time and expertise that she uses when looking into stocks this is what makes Warren Buffett the third richest man in the world and it’s not luck it is a skill that he has acquired over a 87 year span of life once a kid just obsessed with numbers he has moved on to be a man of numbers both in his bank account and in everyday life.

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