Warren Buffett Wives

Warren Buffett is the investor-entrepreneur of the sixties and going into the 21st century. Warren got his start by purchasing stock of the ailing industrial textile company, Berkshire Hathaway. Warren acquired so much of the stock that he had controlling interest in the company in the early sixties. Warren Buffett changed this economically fallen textile company into the Very profitable stock brokage firm that it is today. Warren’s success has been so great and profitable that Buffett is the second wealthiest person in this country. Not bad for an 83-year-old, still producing profitable stock interests in the right companies. Warren Buffett’s Marriages Warren’s first marriage was to Susan Buffett. They were married in 1952. Together Warren and Susan had three children. Their marriage lasted over fifty years. The couple did have its trials and tribulations in their marriage history. Going into their 25th year of marriage, Susan moved to San Francisco. In the early 2000s, Susan Buffett fell on ill health and passed away in 2004. Even though Warren and Susan were apart more than together, Warren still talked to his wife almost every day. It was Linda Buffett who introduced Warren’s next future wife. Astrid Menks was a waitress who Linda introduced to her estranged husband, while she and Warren were still legally married. Linda had asked Astrid to watch out for Warren while she was living in San Francisco. By 1978, Astrid and Warren were living together. Ironically, after Warren and Astrid started living together, their Christmas cards were signed, “Warren, Susie, and Astrid! Warren Buffett Got married in 2006, two years after his wife’s Susan’s death. The wedding ceremony was not large at all. As a matter of fact, the ceremony very low-keyed and was held at Warren’s daughter home in Omaha, Nebraska. None of Berkshire’s prominent business colleagues were in attendance and Warren’s two sons did not show up for the wedding ceremony.

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