Warren Buffett Will Reach Out

Warren Buffett doesn’t have business cards with his email on it to give out unless he is in a business meeting. Warren Buffet personal email is only shared with those that he will seek to have a business with. Generally, you can look at his company’s website such as Berkshire, that will tell you how to reach him.

Buffett will not be able to answer the emails unless he has time to sit down and look at them. But you can definitely reach out to his staff or his colleagues. A lot of times, Buffett gets complaints that says that he is too forward with his messages. In his opinion, he has to value all of his time. Buffett doesn’t want to spend time away from his family. If he can answer, he will do his best to.

For many years, people have tried to reach out to Buffett to see if he wanted to attend seminars, meetings, and webinars. If he is not available, he has a secretary that will answer directly. Make sure that you let his administration know what your concern is.

Warren Buffett has an incredible history that will always be admired. Basically, he started off his businesses many years ago. When contacting him through his personal email, there needs to be a valid reason for the email.

Warren Buffett can be reached via email, but because of being so busy, he is able to respond as soon as he can. You have to keep in mind how busy he is, and if you have a chance to speak to one of his employees, that’s the best route to go.

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